29 Jan

Arriving on Maui in 2015, Kendall Dean has made an impact on the local music scene.  A professional violinist, accomplished guitarist and songwriter, Kendall performs a range of music from familiar covers adapted for her vocals and unique sounds to her original music and lyrics.

Kendall performs on Friday nights on the Lanai from 6-9pm.

Learning classical violin at the age of 8, Kendall moved into various fiddle styles as well, with a focus on Irish and Scottish traditional music. She has 4 years of professional classical training and was involved in two orchestras while living in Maine, where she originally resided.  Kendall trained professionally with a vocal coach and her mother, who is a trained vocalist and pipe organist.  A member of various bands from country music to borderline metal music, Kendall performs as an electric and acoustic violinist and as a vocalist.  She attended numerous workshops, including two in Dunkeld, Scotland, training with Scottish renowned fiddler, Pete Clark, and another workshop in Austin, Texas for Suzuki Teacher Certification Training.

She has been getting more involved in the music scene on Maui and has been performing as a solo act and as part of a duo act under the name Kendall and The Armadillo.  Covering a eclectic range of styles vocally and instrumentally,  she loves improvisational music and has collaborated with local musicians in the Lahaina area, including traditional Hawaiian artists.  Self-taught in guitar, Kendall’s preferred styles include: Blues, Jazz, Irish, Scottish, Gypsy, Folk, and Country.  Some of her favorite artists to cover include: Bonnie Raitt, Sarah Jarosz, Carol King, and Melody Gardot.

When Kendall is not performing, she enjoys surfing, paddle boarding, studying new languages, and hiking.