Pi + Club 

Register for our loyalty rewards program Pi + Club and become eligible to receive rewards and special promotions.

Our Pi + Club program is designed to reward our best and most frequent guests.   Each of our food and beverage menu items has been assigned a point value.  Each point accrued is approximately equal to one $1 purchased.   For every 200 points accumulated, a $25 credit is available for future purchases.  Any unused Pi + Club credits may also be redeemed towards a Pi Artisan Gift card.

Eligibility to join the Pi + Club requires a  Hawaii phone # or Hawaii address.

Please provide your card or phone number at Pi Artisan Pizzeria with every food and beverage purchase. Reward points will be calculated at the point of sale, excluding tax and tip. Point values for food and beverage menu items may vary and are subject to change.

Your Pi + Club card may not be used for credit or charge purposes. For point balance or redemption, please provide your card or phone number to a server at Pi Artisan Pizzeria.